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gigantic crawl


Get any data you need from over 50 Million domains and more than 40 Billion pages on the web.

We will crawl these pages for you and extract any information you wish such as:

  • - email addresses
  • - EAN Codes
  • - ISIN and CUSIP Codes
  • - Phone Numbers
  • - Tags
  • - Page Titles
  • - Analytics codes
  • - Affiliate codes
  • - Keyword mentions
  • - Products
  • - Trademarks
  • - Images
  • - Documents
  • - Reviews
  • - Comments
  • - URLs

We can only access publicly available data. We will crawl data not available to certain search engines such as Google and Bing.

We will not supply you with Backlink related data and we do not perform analysis of your data. All crawled data will be supplied as FTP downloads for you and each download will be between 100mb and 1GB as compressed file. The download will be available for 72 hours and will be deleted afterwards.

When you place an order, payment must be made prior to crawl.
Indicate us what type of data you wish to collect, one crawl contains one standard pack of data as mentioned above or similiar, if you need a special script we will develop it for you at an hourly programming rate of 50 USD.

Completed crawls 2012:
September 1 to October 30. URL's crawled: 36.973.024.742
November 2 to December 30. URL's crawled: 38.564.102.183

We are crawling the whole web now 6x per year, the next crawl dates for 2013 are:

January 5 to February 28. (cutoff for orders is December 5)
March 2 to April 30. (cutoff for orders is February 5)
May 3 to June 30. (cutoff for orders is April 7)
July 2 to August 28. (cutoff for orders is June 5th
September 1 to October 30. (cutoff for orders is August 5th
November 2 to December 30. (cutoff for orders is October 5th

Please get in touch with us if you are interested and let us know what we can do for you.