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appraise domain names & find all related information

Manual Appraisal

request a manual appraisal for a domain name


find experts for various TLDs

My claimed domains

claim domains and leave remarks for anyone searching for them


Mass appraisals

standard mass appraisal include 80 data points for each domain

Mass ngrams and MIX

get up to date ngram and marshallindex data in bulk for domains or keywords

Mass whois

get mass-whois data

Bulk PR and Backlink check

get pagerank and check backlinks

Bulk CPC

get CPC, global and local for keywords or domains

Mass appraisal, Backlinks & Keywords

standard mass appraisal, backlinks & keywords

Mass Trademark check

check Trademark risk + current global and local TM's

Mass Domain availability

mass check availability of domain names in up to 40 TLDs

Health check

health check of domain names in 5 antivirus programs


Keyword extractor

extract keywords from SLD

Meta keyword extractor

extract meta keywords from list of domains

Backlink anchor finder

extract anchor text from backlinks

Topic extractor

extract topics from backlinks

Complete keyword and topic extraction

get all keyword and topic extractions

Domain extractor

extract a domain name from any text or document

TLD changer

change the TLD of a list of domains

Compare Domains

Submit 2 domains and find out which one is better

Separate words

separate words or sentences into words in 21 languages


Find all your domains added to notepad


filter lists of Domains by your criteria

Domain subtractor

Find difference between two lists of domains

List cleaner

Remove duplicates and get list of unique domains


Add and change prefixes and suffixes of domains

Search in Zones

Find domains containing certain strings in the zones.


Download zone files

download daily generated zone files for many TLDs

Top 1 million

Download our collection of 1 Million Top Keywords

Download ccTLD zone files

Download our collection of ccTLD zone files

Download complete traffic file

Download complete traffic file with more than 15 million domains

Download ngram files

Download ngram files for English, German, French, Russian and Spanish

Download search files

Download our collection of complete search data

Download complete gtld whois

Download complete whois database for 130 million domain names

Preappraised drops

download lists of preappraised droping domains


Generate domains

generate domains from lists of keywords

Text ngram and domain generation

Input any text and get all ngrams as domains

Domain Hacks

view all domain hacks

News Domains

generate domains from today terms in the news

Typo generator

generate typo domains

Synonym domains

Paste any domain and find out all related synonym domains with verisign score.

Language detect

Detect the language probability of a text or word, works with 21 languages

IDN Converter

convert Punny codes

Find new word domains

find new words in the media today and generate domains

Domain world

Browse the Worlds places as domains

Domain logos

Auto-create logos for domain names


Autotext generator


Domain sales history

Search historic trades

Reverse IP

Enter an IP and find out which domains resolve on it

Reverse whois

Search domains by owner email address.

Whois loop

Search domains by owner email address.

Research Backlinks

Research Backlinks for a particular domain

Traffic checker

Check the daily unique visitors to a site.

Search Trademarks

search our database of TM

Currency rates

Find out which TLDs use which currency and today exchange rate

New TLD finder

Find the most valuable domains in the new TLD's

Word frequency lists

List of most frequent words in 100 Languages


Find valuable Domains in the Drops

Available domains

Find available domains

Portfolio calculator

Calculate loan, interest, total, revenue for your portfolios

Keyword research

Find all related keywords with searches, cpc and competition


Get a ballpark price for a group of domain names

Domain status

Check the current status of of a list of .com and .net domains

Traffic movers

Find out biggest weekly, biweekly and monthly traffic movers.

Social info

Check social info for list of domains


Zone leads

Generate leads based on similar domains from 35 different TLDs

Name leads

Generate leads based on family names,cities,addresses

Keyword leads

Generate leads based on keywords used by 10 Million websites

Advertiser leads

Generate leads based on keywords used by advertisers

New gTLDs leads

Market new gTLD's based on domain similarities

Manual leads by domain

Provide targeted domains manualy

Manual leads by email address

Provide targeted email addresses manualy

New domains

Generate leads to new registered domains


Manage your SMTP Servers

Sending status

View sending status of your emails


Top Keywords

Find lists of the most valuable keywords by country

Top domains

Find the most expensive domains in each TLD

Top searches

Find the most searched terms by country

Top reggs

Find the most valuable names registered by day, month & year

Top reggers

Find the best reggers by day, month & year


Trademark Alerts

Get informed when domains with a particular TM or keyword are registered


The Domainindex

See the industry's leading price indices for domain names


Find indices movers

Index statistics

See best performing indices


Trade domain indices, protect your investment

TLD registration Stats

See stats and trends on registrations in over 70 TLDs

TLD value stats

See stats and trends on the total value of 70 TLDs


Explore value ratings of 70 TLDs

Seo index

Find out about SEO activity in various TLDs

Domain sales index

Find out number and amount of sales by TLD

TLD Wiki

Find out about TLDs

Nameserver stats

See charts of the most connected Nameservers on the Web



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News from the Domain World


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use the Domainindex API to analyze large number of domains

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Find out about how all this data is compiled and how to use it