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Alexa Rank evaluates website traffic data on the Internet, by ranking websites in descending order, starting from the most visited sites and verifies to the poorly visited. In this arrangement the most highly visited websites are specified with 1st rank. Alexa Rank is up-to-date and uses search engine optimization techniques in order to follow the latest global trends on Internet.

Our Alexa file contains global Alexa Rank for 8,615,104 domains. Here are included the following gTLDs : com, asia, info, mobi, biz, eu, net, org, pro, tel and ccTLDs: at, be, ca, ch,,,,,,, de, dk, es, fr, gr, in,,, ng, nl, no, pl, sk, us.

File format:  The file has .csv extension and each line of the file has the following format:
"domain", "alexa rank"
The list is order by Alexa rank
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