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Indices is a public service free of charge provided by Domainindex SARL corporation to the domain and the financial industry. is calculating price indices for domains to track the development of price levels in the domain space. We provide a set of preset indices of the most important domain areas such as an index of the 26 biggest TLD's, the 10 biggest ccTLS's, the 5 biggest gTLD's, an emerging market ccTLD index, as well as various indices for industries and popular types of domains.


In the Research section everyone can build its own index in the domain space in order to find out how a specific segment of the domain market is developing. Indices can be very specific; indices can be built to find out about prime gambling domains in china or combodomains registered before 2000 in etc. We have introduced this feature because we knew about the specialisation of many domainers into very specific market segments.The result is the average price of a domain in the selected area.


The Benchmarking section enables domain portfolio holders to compare the performance of their portfolios to the overall market. All you need to do is to copy paste a list of domains and classify them into domain segments. If you want a precise result you may use Domainindex values that we can provide to appraise each domain, or you use the real buying price for the domains. From this moment on, we will build a portfolio index based on the segments that your domains are in and you can compare it to the performance of your own domains. If you have chosen to supply the buying prices of your domains too, then you will be able to see the over or undervaluation of your portfolio compared to the market as well. This tool is under development and will be available in January 2011.


The Matrix is a way to spot undervalued areas in the domainspace. Choose a matrix on the top of the page; it will then display all cross sections of the chosen areas. The development of the values is displayed in colors from dark red (worst performance) to light green (best performance). You may choose different time frames for the analysed periods, 1 year 6 months or 3 months.By clicking on one of the matrix's boxes you can see the index used for the calculation. From here you may also choose to search for domains that match these selections on various marketplaces on the web.


The ratings are a part of research that we make for large domain portfolio holders to evaluate the risks and changes of various TLDs. The goal is to asses the reliability and the security of each TLD registry. The Evaluation takes into consideration technical, economic, juristical as well political risks and changes of each of the analysed TLD. Whereas these areas impact the rating as follows:

Economics 6 points
Politics 4 points
Broadband penetration 3 points
NIC policy 4 points
NIC technology 3 points

juristical additional problems can further reduce the TLDs rating by up to 12 points

The ratings are as follows:

AAA- A+ B C- E+
AA+ A B- D+ E
AA A- C+ D E-

Domain Index Futures

Based on the 6 most important Domain indices we provide Doman index futures to be traded on our platform.

We offer trading in the following indices:

  • 1) Global Domain Index
  • 2) .com index
  • 3) Big ccTLS's
  • 4) emerging ccTLD's
  • 5) Big gTLD's
  • 6) The Primes index

In order to start trading you need to open an account with Domainindex SARL corporation. The minimum funding is 500 USD. You may transfer funds by Pay Pal, Moneybookers or by Bankers draft (no checks accepted). As soon as your account is approved and funded, you can start trading.

Domain Index trading is available 24/7. You can choose to make long or short position in the market. Depending on the market situation, margins are changing, but other then in financial markets, margins are higher (up to 100%); always depending on the total market situation.