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For no more than $150 you can be in possession of top 1 million keywords compliance and find out which are most searched keywords on the net. The purchase process is very convenient. After you pay via PayPal, you'll receive information on your e-mail address, which will contain one link that directly leads to download. This link is going to be accessible on your e-mail in the next 48 hours after the e-mail is sent.

File format:  Each line of the files has the following format:
keyword,searches,CPC (USD)
where searches is global broad search for keyword, and CPC is approximate cpc in USD.
Note:  Before making a purchase please register for free.
  • Total size of the zipped file is 6 MB.
  • After paying via PayPal, you will receive an e-mail with download link. The link is available 30 days after the mail is sent.