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What is going on with the 100 oldest Domains ? just completed a research about the oldest 100 domain names. The particular research was mainly about the usage of the names over time, name server and owner changes as well as SEO aspects that can be attributed to the age of these names and the various uses they had over time.
Part of that work was to research the current status of the domains. This part we would like to share with you because it looks quite interesting:

From the 100 names registered between January 1, 1985 and November 30, 1987:
58 are now owned by a different entity from the one that registered it
35 are owned by Fortune 500 companies
7 are owned by pioneers of the web

Of the 100 oldest domains:
12 Do not resolve
4 are Parked
84 are in use

1 was subject to a UDRP (

These companies hold more than one of the oldest 100 domains:
3 Oracle
3 Verizon
2 Northrop Gruman
2 Intel
2 Siemens
2 Raytheon

These domains do not resolve or are not in use

These are parked

These Domains look like being owned by domainers

These are active and belong to Fortune 500 companies or large entities

These domains still belong to pioneers of the WWW, the same people that regstered them

These companies, that used to own the domains are out of business or merged (symbolics inc.) bankrupted  in 1995 (thinking machines Corporation) bankrupted in 1994, the domain is owned by Oracle and redirects to their thinkquest sites and Computer Consortium - MCC) dissolved i 2004, the domain is parked (Grebyn Corporation) not in use anymore, but seems to be owned by the same company that registered it, the domain does not resolve ( online community of the early 1980s) dissolved in 1988, it points to (rosetta consulting) unknown when but went out of business, the domain is used by a new business today (Datacube Inc) went out of business in 2005) the domain now hosts a domain market (Kendall Square Research) KSR went out of business in February 1994, when their stock was delisted from the stock exchange, the domain belongs to a new company today (W.L. Kennedy Jr. & Associates) company cannot be found anymore, domain is owned now by westlake chemicals (KC Computer Sciences) seems to be out of business since the 90ies, domain does not resolve seems to be owned by a domainer BBN technologies was acquired in 2011 by Raytheon and points there (Digital Equipment Corporation) aquired by compaq in 1998 Corporation) aquired grumman in 1994 and reformed under northropgrumman (Bell Communications Research, Inc. or Bellcore) now belongs to Ericsson (Sun Microsystems, Inc) in 2010 taken over by Oracle (Ungermann-Bass, also known as UB and UB Networks) aquired in 1988 by Tandem Computers, not in use ( Bell Atlantic) merged with GTE in 2000 to form Verizon, the domain does not resolve (Interactive Systems Corporation) sold to Eastman Kodak in 1988, the domain is now owned by a new company (National Semiconductor) sold to AMD in 2003, the domain is not in use (Pyramid Technology Corporation) bought by Siemens in 1995, now it's used by a completely new company (portal communications) was aquired by oracle in 2006, the domain forwards to (Cognition, Inc.) went out of business in the 90ies, the domain was bought by an investment firm (probably used by Digital Equipment Corporation for the DEC Alpha Chip series) now used by a real estate company (Braddock, Dunn & McDonald) a military contracting company, in 1997 purchased by TRW and in turn aquired 2002 by Northrop Grumman (Intermetrics, Inc.) merged with Whitesmiths Ltd in 1988, after many more mergers its now owned by L-3 Communications was a pioneering game developer and online game publisher, founded in 1981) aquired in 1994 by Murdochs News corp. and later by EA (3Com Corporation ) 2010, Hewlett-Packard completed the acquisition of 3Com. (Peregrine Systems, Inc) was aquired by HP in 2005, the domain is today used by an investment firm (Data General) aquired by EMC in 1999, domain is owned by today (Crash TimeSharing) went out of business in the 90ies and the domain is now owned by a new company (raytheon corporation) still belongs to raytheon but the domain does not resolve anymore (Tandy Corporation) aquired in 2000 by Radio Shack, domain redirects to (S.P. Dyer Computer Consulting), went out of business in the 90ies, today owned by a domainer (Prime Computer, Inc) sold to Parametric Technology Corporation,domain  now under under privacy  (Marble Associates) went out of business around 2004, the domain i snow used by a marble producing company (Vine Technology) sold in 2003 to unisys, the domain is now owned by Quidsi Solutions LLC and is a portal for food (Kuck and Associates, Inc.) aquired by Intel in 2000, the domain does not resolve and is owned by Intel 2001, Cayman Systems, Inc. was acquired by Netopia, Inc, today it redirects to offers for travel in the caymans (NYNEX Corporation ) megred with Bell Atlantic in 1997, now Verizon (octopus enterprises) went out of business in 2005. The Domain was aquired by a domainer in 2006. In a UDRP 2011 the name was almost lost to a travel company but still is owned by the same person that bought it in 2006 TTI) still belongs to citigroup but not used anymore, the domain does not resolve anymore (Teltone corporation ) was aquired by Industrial Defender in 2008, the domain still shows the teltone products (Wyse Technology) Wyse was aquired by Dell in 2012 (spectragraphics) went out of business in 1998 and the domain is now used by a new company (AlliedSignal)  purchased Honeywell for $15 billion in 1999, and thereafter adopted the Honeywell name and identity, the domain belongs to a new company today (Mentat, Inc.) was acquired by Packeteer, Inc. on December 22, 2004, the domain does not resolve (General Telephone & Electronics Corporation) Merged with Bell Antlantic then became part of Verizon, the domain is not used (quicksilver engineering) went out of business, the domain is owned by a canadian beverage company today is not in use (Santa Cruz Operation) merged with Tarantella Inc. in 2001 and later to UnXis Inc and redirects to (unipress software) unclear status. probably aquired by numarasoftware which now belongs to bmcsoftware (Interactive Development Environments) stoped being operational in the late 90ies, domain now owned probably by a domainer, the company was merged into several new companies and the domain is now owned bw and redirects there (Research & Development Laboratories) the company is not active but whois still shows the same owner (SoftQuad) in 2001 Corel bought most assets, in 2004 Just Systems bought the remaining assets. The domain now belongs to (Quadratron Systems Inc.) went out of business early 2000, the Domain owned by a domainer and parked Motors Research Laboratories) domain not in use anymore Inc)  a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Company, the domain forwards to (now owned by Fujitsu) the domain redirects to DA Systems Inc.) since 2000 the domain is owned by the German DAS insurance Group
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