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So are new gTLD´s a success ? or not ?

On the first day 19.163 new gTLDs got registered while .com had 99.000 new registrations on the same day as it was just mentioned in a post on "the domains"
However this is not really the numbers to compare I think, what we need to look at at is something else:

How many new gTLD´s have been registered compared to the affected .com domains.
So these are the numbers to watch in my opinion:

55.000 Domains contain "guru"
80.000 Domains contain "holding" or "holdings"
90.000 Domains  contain "ventures"
65.000 Domains  contain "plumbing"
45.000 Domains contain "singles" or "single"
75.000 Domains contain "bike" or "bikes"
115.000 Domains contain "clothing" or "clothes"

(in any extension that must be paid for)

So this gives us a total of 525.000 Domains that contain the keywords launched in the last days as TLD´s.
I think here we start to compare apples with apples because the 7 new extensions are indeed generic but only in a very limited area of keywords.

So purely based on domain numbers they did reach about 5% of what all other extensions did over 25 years in one day
Based on revenue it looks even better, the average customer pays about 12 USD/year for all other extensions on average, while my guess is the average customer pays 45 USD for a new gTLD. 

This means:
900.000 USD for new gTLDs / year
6.5 Mio USD for all other extensions /year

this is a market share of about 12% after one day.

I find the number of 20.000 registrations for the start of 7 new extensions relatively low, however I must say the process has been managed extremely bad in my opinion by registrars, in fact only Godaddy was able to make this a good experience for the user, many other registrars have not even been able to let one register new gTLD´s. 

Also it is not fair to compare to other gTLD launches in the past due to the keyword space affected.

Businesswise however this is certainly a success, it will depend how visible these domains will be in the future, will we ever come across a developed one, or will it be like many other extension where I have never ever seen any developed domain name.
We will have another look at the numbers in a month, then we will know more.  

Michael Marcovici
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