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Domainindex Announces New TLD Tool

Many people inthe domain industry are asking which new TLDs will be the best. Although manylists have been compiled and published in response to this question, we thinkit is much more interesting to identify the best domains being registered in all the new TLDs. To do so, we’ve hadto analyze and appraise billions of possibilities. Our efforts yielded a set oflists, each containing 10,000 of the most valuable domains for one of the 1,928proposed new TLDs. We then combined all of our lists into a huge Master List ofthe most valuable new domain names.
We acknowledgefrom the get-go that our lists are not perfect. For one thing, they contain manydomains that cannot be registered because of trademark policies or otherrestrictions. Nonetheless, the lists constitute a very powerful resource forthose who plan to register domain names in the new TLDs.
Complicating ourassessments are the uncertainties surrounding the new TLDs:

·      It is too early to discern thequality of each new TLD.
·      Reliable estimates of marketingbudgets for each new TLD are not available.
·      There are differentregistration restrictions and general policies across the universe of registriescontrolling the new TLDs.
·      We do not as yet have a pricingforecast for the different TLDs.

Given theseinherent uncertainties, we have adopted a strategy to form our appraisals basedon an arbitrary number of 100,000 domains in each of the new TLDs.
To provideaccess our compiled lists, Domainindex.comhas created a new TLD Tool , available below. The first ten TLD lists are open to the public;to access the rest, you’ll have to subscribe– it’ easy and only takes a minute.
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