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New tools preview: Leadgeneration

In the last six month we have been working on a completely new suite of leadgeneration tools for domains and domain related services. We plan a total of 15 tools, 4 are under development, 6 are in beta and 5 will be released within the next days.
The 5 tools we will release will be:1) Zone based leadgeneration

1) Zone based leadgeneration

2) Name based leadgeneration

3) Keywordbased leadgeneration

4) Advertiser based leadgeneration

5) New gTLD leadgeneration

You can see the screencasts to have a first look at the tools. The tools are all high performance tool, capable of generating millions of leads and especially able to find the very best leads based on the type of domain you intend to promote. They are capable to find leads based on keywords from websites, from names in the whois, yellow pages and similar sources, based on advertisers keywords in 8 advertising networks including Google and much more. Tool Nr.6 will enable to market SEO domains based on similar backlinks.

In the last months we all have seen a significant increase in unsolicited emails promoting the purchase of domain names and lets be real, this will not stop, there is a working market for the promotion of domains via email and nobody can stop it.
Our goal is not to add even more of these emails to your inboxes but to decrease the amount of emails by increasing the quality, we have therefore taken some measures to: 

-Encourage promoters only to use the very best leads for their domains
-We strongly encourage users not to send any mails to owners using privacy
-We have removed all known domainer addresses from the database
-We have removed everyone that has larger portfolio from the addresses (depending on portfolio value)
-We do not allow multiple mails to the same person for the same domain from different promoters/users
-We handle unsubscribes across all users.
-We verify every email address

The tools will be available to all subscribers and the amount of leads that can be generated will depend on your subscription level. If you wish to make use of this tool at quotas above the usual subscriptions get in touch with us and we will give you a custom plan according to your needs.
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