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country code GW
country Guinea-Bissau
Dispute polices
registrant restrictions yes


TLD rating

Registry economics by DI

total registered domains
total TLD value $0
total TLD value rank
total yearly TLD revenue
expected growth next 12 months N/A
GDP/domain N/A
GDP/domain rank
domain/inhabitant N/A
domain/inhabitant rank
broadband users in .gw N/A
broadband user/domain N/A

General TLD information

introduced 1997
TLD type ccTLD
status not active
registry Fundação IT & MEDIA Universidade de Bissao
sponsor Fundação IT & MEDIA Universidade de Bissao


International domain name restrictions, no porn.

Currently suggested registrars

registrar 1 NameISP
registrar 2 Networking4all
registrar 3 Rwgusa Net

Trademark information

Currently suggested trademarks lawyers

lawyer 1
lawyer 2

Official TLD logo

.gw index

Country information

country Guinea-Bissau
capital Bissau
official language Portuguese
recognized languages Crioulo
government Semi-presidential republic
legislature National People's Assembly
EU accession
area 36,125 km2
are rank 136th
population 1647000
population rank 148th
population density 44.1/km2
population density rank 154th

Economy and development

GDP 2010 estimate
GDP per capita
gini (2005)
HDI (2010) 0.289 (low)
HDI rank 164th
currency peso (XOF)
time zone GMT (UTC+0)
drives on the right
calling code 245