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country code IN
country India
Dispute polices .IN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (INDRP)
registrant restrictions No


TLD rating

Registry economics by DI

total registered domains
total TLD value $0
total TLD value rank
total yearly TLD revenue
expected growth next 12 months N/A
GDP/domain N/A
GDP/domain rank
domain/inhabitant N/A
domain/inhabitant rank 81000000
broadband users in .in N/A
broadband user/domain N/A

General TLD information

introduced 1989
TLD type ccTLD
status Active
registry National Internet Exchange of India
sponsor National Internet Exchange of India


International domain name restrictions, no restrictions on who can register second-level domains or most third-level domains; restrictions under some specialized subdomains.

Trademark information

Trademarks are assigned through the Office of the Controller-General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Department of Industrial Policy Promotions, Ministry of Commerce and Industry. India is not a member of the Madrid Protocol. A trademark is valid for 10 years and may be renewed for further periods of 10 years each.

Currently suggested trademarks lawyers

lawyer 1 Patrick Mirandah Co. (pmc)
lawyer 2 Mr. Ashok Kr. Singh

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.in expert

Michael Marcovici


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Country information

country India
capital New Delhi
official language Hindi, English
recognized languages Assamese Bengali Bodo Dogri Gujarati Hindi Kannada Kashmiri Konkani Maithil Malayalam Manipuri Marathi Nepali Oriya Punjabi Sanskrit Santali Sindhi Tamil Telugu Urdu
government Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
legislature Parliament(House of the People, Council of States)
EU accession
area 3,287,263 km2
are rank 7th
population 1210193422
population rank 2nd
population density 363.4/km2
population density rank 31st

Economy and development

GDP 2010 estimate $4.001 trillion
GDP per capita 3290
gini (2005)
HDI (2010) 0.519(medium)
HDI rank 119th
currency Indian rupee (Indian Rupee)(INR)
time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
drives on the left
calling code 91